Saturday, January 15, 2011

Whole Wheat Pizza Crust and Pizza Bread

Our family really enjoys this whole wheat pizza crust. We have enjoyed eating pizza bread ever since we lived in Connecticut 10 years ago. Here's the recipe for the crust and instructions on how to make the pizza bread if you decide you want to give it a try! For years it was a friday night tradition!
Whole Wheat Pizza Dough:
2 cups bread flour
2 cups whole wheat flour
2 1/4 tsp. rapid rise yeast
1 1/2 tsp. salt
3 TBSP. olive oil
1 1/2 cups warm water
Add bread flour, wheat flour, yeast and salt in your mixer. Add the warm water and oil and knead dough for about 10 minutes on low in your mixer with a kneading hook. Cover and let rise until double.
Pizza Bread: Split dough into two sections and roll out two thin rectangles. Complete cover the dough in pepperoni, not leaving any space where you can see the dough. Sprinkle with mozzarella and cheddar cheese and roll up cinnamon roll style. Brush with olive oil and sprinkle heavily with Oregano. Bake at 425 for 15-20 minutes until done. Let sit for five minutes before slicing into it.

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Darcy said...

This looks really good. Glad Warren recommended your blog. I'm looking forward to more of your recipes!