Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Treats

There is something about holidays and special occasions that just get me excited to cook.  Today was no exception.  I mean, how often does Leap Year come around?  And what better way to celebrate a fun day than with fun food?

 I decided to try my hand at frog pancakes this morning.  So, I died my pancake batter green and made me some goofy looking frog pancakes.  I knew it was a success though, when one by one the kids came in and when I quizzed them as to what they were, they all answered correctly, “frogs!”  Yeah!  Score one point for me!  I will have you know, I was good and didn’t eat one bite. :)

I decided to surprise them with a fun after school snack...okay...treat.  I decided to make some chocolate bowls.  First, I filled some water balloons with water, placed them in a cupcake pan and froze them.  Then I melted white chocolate with a little green food coloring in a double broiler.  When my balloons were frozen, I dipped them in the chocolate and placed them on wax paper.  There they sat, until all the water was melted.

 Once the water was melted, I turned them upside down, holding onto the wax paper, over the sink and popped the water balloon.  What I had left was the cutest little lily pad chocolate bowl.

Next, I made up some pistachio pudding and filled the little bowls and then printed these cute signs.  I had them waiting when the kids arrived home from school.  

Tonight, was youth night at the church and I decided to make these froggy cupcakes to send with my husband, Warren, to share with all the young men.  These aren’t just ordinary cupcakes, they are filled with chocolate ganache, dipped in white chocolate, then frosted with green whipping cream.  The ears are made out of york peppermint patties, with a coconut M&M to make the buggy eyes and licorice rope to make them smile.  I know they are a tad cheesy, but I loved my frog cupcakes.

I promise, I did cook a healthy dinner!

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Those are so cute, I love the pancakes. You are one talented pancake maker! My kids would love these :)